CIMSAR - Cryogenex Institute of Medical Science and Research

CIMSAR (Under the Dept.of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. Of Odisha.)

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B.SC. in Laboratory

B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology is an undergraduate Medical Lab Technology programme. Medical Laboratory Technology programme also called Clinical laboratory...

B.SC. in Radiology

B.Sc. RT is an undergraduate Radiography course. Radiotherapy may be used to treat localized solid tumours, such as cancers of the skin, tongue, larynx, brain...

B.Sc. in Anaesthesia

B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology is a 3-year full-time undergraduate degree course. B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology course is opted by students , learn about anaesthesia equipment...

B.Sc. in Emergency

Emergency medicine is a field of medicine that deals in emergency cases. EM as it is fondly called is a medical course that caters for prompt response and treatments of persons...

B.Sc. in Operation

B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology program means to understand the Ethics, Layout of Operation Theatre as well as Handling the equipment...

B.Sc. in Optometry

B.Sc. Optometry course is a 4years degree that has been designed to offer to eligible candidates a wide range of clinical skills and knowledge to examine, diagnose, treat and manage...