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Course Stream Duration
Degree B. Sc. Emergency Medicine 3years

Emergency medicine is a field of medicine that deals in emergency cases. EM as it is fondly called is a medical course that caters for prompt response and treatments of persons who require them at the time. Skills such as first aid treatments of all kinds possible is needed to help a victim such as heart saving treatments, injuries from accidents, CPR and others that are of importance to helping out to save life.

As an undergraduate student, to qualify for a BSc in emergency medicine requires eligibility of a 10+2 or its equivalent in sciences of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

An Emergency doctor is widely needed in many sectors of care and health. You can choose to work with the government hospitals or with private hospitals or organizations. Peace keeping operations and several multinational NGOs require the services of an EM doctor in their ranks. The Red Cross for instance is a common example of where your service as an emergency doctor would be of immense need. Military departments cannot do without having an emergency medicine practitioner available in their various operations. No doubt, with the wave of frequent security challenges all around the world, the prospect and scope of an Emergency medicine doctor would continually grow in the near future.